Thank You

I would not have been able to put this campaign together without the help of some very special people. Thank you to each and every one of you involved for your help and support!


My parents and brothers: Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to go and find a job I love. Your shared excitement throughout this process was invaluable. Thank you Jessica and Greg from the team for introducing me to and helping me convince the star of the film to make an appearance.

DSJ Dimagination – Jeff Dimagmaliw: Thank you Jeff for taking care of the videography, photography and editing and creating an amazing video. I appreciate you humoring me when I asked if you saw acting turning into a career for me.

Red Clover Media – Balazs Hajdu: Thank you Balazs for some great behind the scenes photography and supporting videos. I am glad you were able to coach me in looking half way decent on film.

Project Manager – Christopher Ochoa: Thank you Christopher for managing all the demands of this project from beginning until the end, your skills were invaluable. I could not have done this on my own, well maybe, but I would of gone crazy.

Julia Stewart: Thank you providing the perfect setting and location for the photography and video shoot. I appreciate you warning me about the temperature of the pool!

Family and Friends: Thank you to everyone helping me get the message out about this website. Without you I would need a big advertising budget which I don’t have!

  • Tesla Fans

    Great idea to succeed. Best of luck to you!

    • Stevendchang

      So did u end up getting a job at Tesla?