Putting It All Together

This is the question that guided my journey.


So what exactly kept me going? Would you believe it was something as simple as a question? Sounds to easy right? Well that’s exactly what it was. I repeated this question to myself each and everyday and each time it reminded me of my reasons for embarking on this project.

Below are a few videos that touch on my experiences, I post these because I hope that some of the information can be of help to those people that are in a similar situation and are wanting to do something about it. Sometimes in order to take the first step, all we need is a little push in the right direction. We only get one life, go out there and get what you deserve, I sure am!


Why did I decide to take on this project?


What was the process like?


Did I face any challenges?


How did I stay motivated?


What advice would I give to others?