So why all of this work? To love my job, that’s why!


I bet you are wondering, what was the reason I decided to take on this project, get out of my comfort zone and commit to doing something completely different than what I was used to?

Well… there were several reasons but it all came down to wanting to go out and find my dream job and deciding that I was going to do whatever it took to find it. I didn’t just was to go out and look for a job though, I wanted to do something different, something that I had not tried before, something exciting and even a little crazy so that I could prove to myself and others what I could do.

Another reason was the fear of having any type of future regrets simply because I had failed to try. That was a scary thing for me to realize, but it wasn’t as scary as realizing that it would be significantly worse if I didn’t try, since by making that choice I was only guaranteed one thing… failure. You may not believe it, but the magic formula was deciding what I wanted and going after it, it was that simple. After that, everything else fell into place.

The end result is this website dedicated to a company I would love to work for. Tesla has the product, the people, the culture and they are making an impact all over the world. In this environment I would be wanting, not having, to go to work everyday. It wouldn’t even feel like work!